Mar 11, 2011
The team at ARG extends a warm welcome to Dr. Kamps, our newest specialist in High Urethane Rapid Resolution processes and procedures.

Jan 24, 2008
VP Awarded
Amir Noub, VP of Beaumont Leys Alkaloid Research Group, was awarded a certificate for excellence in local business by the Mayor's Office.

Contact Info
Allied Research Group
Beaumont Leys, Leics.
Email: info@argblarg.com

Rapid Resolution Analysis

ARG employs the latest in multiple resolution analysis technologies. In addition to standard methods such as Mass Spectrometry and Gas Astrology, ARG employs the latest in Urethane Rapid Resolution.

ARG utilizes both High Urethane Rapid Resolution and Low Urethane Rapid Resolution, for optimal efficiacy over a wide range of molecular masses (see graph).

Dynamic Resolution Analysis

Many laboratories have opted to replace High and Low Urethane Rapid Resolution with Dynamic Urethane Rapid Resolution analytic technology, which allows for a wider range of molecular masses to be used with any single method. However as illustrated above, Dynamic Urethane Rapid Resolution does not currently compare with HURR or LURR for overall spectrum efficiacy. As this new technology develops ARG will continue to monitor it closely.